The Big Exhale + Spire Bundle

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The Big Exhale + Spire Bundle

Are you ready to make a real change to your breathing? Purchase The Big Exhale and Spire bundle and not only will you learn better breathing techniques, but you will also have Spire at your side to keep you on track every step of the way. Combine Spire and The Big Exhale breathing course and give yourself the best possible tools for achieving calm, managing moods and decreasing stress.

Breathing coach and physiotherapist, Emma Ferris, teaches you the difference between ‘just breathing’ and powerful, beneficial breathing. Learn simple breathing techniques and exercises to tackle the complaints that many of us put up with on a daily basis; headaches, neck pain, anxiety, disturbed sleep and brain fog.

Is It Stress, illness or pain? Whatever your obstacle is, there is a simple and natural solution to overcome it.

Buy The Big Exhale + Spire bundle today to make the most of this life-changing 30-Day breathing retraining course with Spire by your side.

Breathing is the simplest of tasks. We do it without thinking. But what if you’re doing it wrong? Over a lifetime, bad breathing habits take a toll on the body’s blood chemistry. Changes to blood chemistry impact the autonomic nervous system, which controls multiple functions in your body including immunity, growth, digestion and reproduction.

By combining the exercises and education learnt during the The Big Exhale, and Spire’s real-time feedback on your breathing, you get the ultimate solution to controlling your breathing and finding calm. The breath is the foundation of wellbeing, and with a solid foundation in place, everything else works better. Guided by highly regarded breathing coach and physiotherapist, Emma Ferris, you will learn efficient breathing techniques that will restore calm, balance, and vibrant health to your body and mind.

From the comfort of your home and at your own pace, this 30-day online video course teaches you the technique and exercises for highly effective and efficient breathing. The course teaches both the theoretical and practical aspects of breathing and stress and is safe, simple, and drug-free.

Then use your Spire to work out what your daily stresses and triggers are and use the feedback from Spire and the exercises you have learned to change the way your body responds to stress.

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Wouldn’t you rather feel

• Full of energy
• Calm even during stressful times
• Refreshed rather than tired
• Relaxed
• Mindful (present at all times)
• Focused and alert when you need it
• Healthy and pain-free
• Benefiting from strong immunity and a healthy gut
• Getting a good night’s sleep and waking refreshed
• Able to handle anything life throws at you
• Hormonally balanced
• Happy and emotionally strong

Meet your instructor: Emma Ferris

Emma Ferris is one of New Zealand’s leading experts on breathing dysfunction and the link between stress, breathing, and optimal wellness.

As the founder of The Butterfly Effect, Emma created the highly regarded The Big Exhale breathing program to help people understand the importance of bringing the body back to calm when tackling serious health issues, stress, pain and improving athletic performance.

Emma is a physiotherapist with over 12 years’ clinical experience as well as a public speaker, an acupuncturist, and Pilates instructor. Emma’s Masters in Physiotherapy examined lower back pain and became the impetus for her study into the link between mind, body and the breath. In 2009, Emma received a scholarship to attend the New Zealand Leadership Institute Future Leaders program.


Spire is the world’s only breath and activity tracker proven to decrease stress and increase productivity. The science behind Spire is backed by 7 years of research from Stanford’s Calming Technology Lab. Doctors and mental health professionals around the worldwide recommend Spire as a way to help patients decrease stress and achieve a state of calm. 

Spire’s revolutionary technology notifies you before you become tense and also helps you identify your stress triggers. Use the skills you learn in The Big Exhale to control your breathing and return to calm when faced with these triggers. Use the Spire app to see your breath wave in real-time making it much easier to implement the ideal breathing wave you’ll learn in The Big Exhale.

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