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Why Breathing Matters?

Beyond just providing oxygen to your mind and body, breathing is directly related to key areas of your health such as blood chemistry and nervous system.

Poor breathing habits compound over a lifetime and take a toll on health and happiness.

Worst of all is that most people tend to go after the symptoms (i.e.: neck pain, stress, anxiety) instead of solving the underlying problem.

As a final result, at least half of the world suffers from a breathing dysfunction without even knowing it.      

Is There Something You Can Do?

Yes. Learn how to breathe better! Take the Most Out of Each Breath. But before start heading in the right direction, take note of these facts:

On a Single Day, you take 17.000 breaths (in and out).

Over a year, that adds up to 6 million breaths.

Over a lifetime you would be taking over 500 million breaths.

Then, why not start taking them the right way?

Where Can You Start?

Find calm breathing with The Big Exhale Online Breathing course. First 5 days Free

When Can You Start and How it works

After Choosing the path that better fits your needs, you can get started in a couple clicks and begin to move in the direction of powerful and beneficial breathing.

Best of all is that all our materials are accessible 24/7/365, so you can experience the journey at your own pace!

Who's Teaching it

Meet Emma Ferris, a physiotherapist and breathing coach from New Zealand with over 14 years clinical experience.

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